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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Lost Post or My Life in Bullet Points

(This should have been posted circa late March 2012) I'm alive! I swear I am. No, I have not been eaten by zombies, gotten taken hostage by Chinese body snatchers, nor have I hit my head too hard and contracted amnesia and now think I am a 47 year old Chinese man name Feng Weiwei!

I am alive and well and busy as...heck.

Basically, the last two months have been like this:
1. THE ETERNAL NEVER ENDING RAINY SEASON OF HANGZHOU - seriously, this is the most consistent deluge they have had, well, since many Hangzhou-nese can remember.
2. I got a new job.
3. I took a leave of absence due to health issues from my old job, because quitting in China is not Kosher.
3. I got a new apartment (Penthouse baby!)
4. I moved out of my old apartment.
5. I've been dealing with the same Chinese social oddities at my old job that I encountered at my new job, but they are no much more tolerable because of a few things: more monetary compensation, normal work hours, weekends free, better neighborhood, better work environment, English TV channels, to name a few.

Now, I give you pictures of my new apartment! It is small, but mighty, and perfect for one person.

The view of my living room and behind that my bedroom.

My bathroom - there is a shower/tub combo off to the left.

The kitchen - which I will rarely ever use, but it's a nice thought.

The living room and my HUGE TV!

The bathroom walls are kind of see through, but on the bright side - washer/dryer combo!

Hope you enjoyed these. I know I did. More to come soon!

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